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The Best .NET Blog: All about C# and .NET

Hello, are you confident in your C# programming skills? If not, this blog is for you! Here at the best C# blog we have everything you need to know about C#.

We are one of the leading .NET blog to follow. In our C# blog you will learn C# for beginners, C# tips, latest .NET features and news from Microsoft and more!. From basic programming with tutorials and guides prepared specially for you, to advanced programming, code optimization tricks and .NET security – it’s all here.

This is the one stop shop for all things related to C#! So what are you waiting for? Start learning today!

C# Articles

Are you learning C# for beginners? C# (or c sharp) is a good programming language to learn from scratch or with a medium level of programming and here you can find a series of C# articles and tutorials that will help you learn and improve your programming skills. You will also find free advanced C# articles, curses, tips and tutorials accompanied by C# guides in pdf so you can learn step by step and in an interactive way.

.NET Articles

Although Microsoft’s open source .NET framework is very big and the platform encompasses many technologies (from web development, web APIs, cross-platform mobile on Android, Windows Phone and iOS to client-side applications for Windows, Linux and macOS) it’s easy to learn if done correctly. And yes, you are in the right place!

.NET Security Articles

Security in the .NET framework and C# applications is very important. Remember that absolute security doesn’t exist and knowing how to reduce vulnerabilities is crucial for any development. From simple tweaks to avoid SQL injections, LDAP, OS, XSS to library updates, NuGet packages, etc., it’s important to know how to reduce vulnerabilities.

Protecting the source code of C# applications and dll files againist decompiler and reverse engineering is the best way to secure your developments and keep your intellectual property safe. The good news is that to learn how to protect your .NET applications you are in the right place to get started and to expand your knowledge.

.NET New Features and Latest News

Do you want to keep up to date with all the news that Microsoft brings to .NET? This is your section! Discover all the new features in previews, benchmarks, release date and more!

C# New Features and Latest News

Microsoft is always working on C#, never stops improving it and adding new features and functions, APIs and so on! If you want to stay up to date and be the first to know about all the news of the C# programming language, this is your blog!