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Streamline the management of sensitive information across all your projects and infrastructure with Secrets. Enhance data security and operational efficiency with a developer-first approach to secrets management.

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What types of secrets exist


API keys

Unique identifier that is used to authenticate and control access to an API.

Encryption keys

Passwords used to secure and protect data by converting it into an unreadable format.

SSH credentials

Access credentials used for Secure Shell (SSH) protocol for remote connections to servers.

Database connection strings

Configuration settings that provide the information for connecting to a database.

Privileged Credentials

Privileged access rights for users, allowing them to use passwords or secrets

Digital Signature Keys

Keys used to verify the authenticity and integrity of digital messages or files.

Risks of unprotected secrets

When exposed, your secrets can provide a direct access route to your sensitive enterprise data for malicious actors, causing significant security risks.

Data Theft & Leakage

Adversaries can gain access to and manipulate your sensitive data, potentially using it for blackmail or stealing proprietary technology.

Identity Theft & Fraud

Malicious actors can use access to sensitive user data, causing not just financial loss, but also trust erosion among your customer base.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Your leaked secrets can be used to initiate a DDoS attack on your network infrastructure, impacting your business continuity.

Infrastructure Hijack

Attackers can use your secrets to gain control over your backend systems, using your resources for their own illicit activities.

Benefits of managing your

Application Secrets

A robust secrets management solution brings with it a slew of benefits not just to your application but to the whole organization.

Enhanced Security Posture

By securing your secrets, you’re protecting your sensitive backend systems from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Compliance Readiness

With a secrets manager, you demonstrate strong data stewardship, making regulatory compliance (like GDPR and CCPA) a breeze.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting your secrets translates into safeguarding your proprietary algorithms, codebase, and other intellectual property. This enhances your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cost Savings

Considering the high costs associated with data breaches, investing in strong secrets management is a sensible financial decision. Avoid unnecessary losses, legal fees, and recovery costs.

What is Secrets?

Secrets is ByteHide’s sensitive data manager which goal is to create, store, update and delete important secrets and information from all your source code.

How does Secrets work?

ByteHide Secrets provides a comprehensive and robust solution for managing and securing sensitive data, combining the functionalities of secret management and hardcoded secret detection into a single, streamlined platform.

This integration not only simplifies the security management process but also enhances the overall security posture by eliminating the need to coordinate between different tools.



Why choose ByteHide

ByteHide Shield is an advanced and flexible obfuscation service, an automated way to secure application source code in the same build process.

It is designed to integrate with a single click and automate the security of your applications. No configurations or requirements needed!


Centralize your secrets, manage everything in one place

Unlike other solutions that require separate tools for detecting secrets in code (like GitGuardian) and managing them (such as AWS KMS or Doppler), ByteHide Secrets offers both capabilities in one integrated package. This eliminates the complexity and overhead associated with using multiple separate tools, ensuring tighter integration and fewer gaps in security workflows. Automated and Intelligent Secret Detection


Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

ByteHide Secrets prides itself on having an intuitive user interface and simpler configuration processes compared to tools like Azure Key Vault. This ease of use extends to its integration capabilities, where it ensures a smoother and more straightforward setup process, allowing developers to focus more on development and less on managing security nuances.


Different values for the same secret in various environments

A unique feature of ByteHide Secrets is its ability to manage different values for the same secret across various environments. For instance, you can have a "database" key with a placeholder value for development and the real password for production. This feature greatly simplifies environment management without compromising security, providing precise control over which secrets are active in which environments.


Automated and Intelligent Secret Detection

ByteHide Secrets stands out with its advanced detection capabilities. It goes beyond basic pattern matching by incorporating over 25 plugins to detect specific types of secrets from providers like AWS, Stripe, and Azure. Additionally, its use of artificial intelligence through "Secrets AI" enhances the accuracy and depth of secret detection, surpassing traditional tools that might rely solely on predefined patterns or entropy analysis. This AI-driven approach helps in accurately identifying secrets without generating excessive false positives.

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