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Visual Studio for Linux will Never Arrive

Jan 2, 2023 | Visual Studio

Visual Studio, Microsoft’s flagship integrated development environment (IDE), has been widely acclaimed for its robust feature set and integration capabilities.

Despite the growing popularity of Linux, Microsoft has shown little interest in porting Visual Studio to the Linux platform, leaving developers to search for alternatives.

Top Request from Visual Studio Users: Running on Linux

Visual Studio users have long expressed their desire for a Linux version. “Visual Studio for Linux?” is the most voted topic out of more than 200,000 topics posted in the Microsoft developer community. As of today this topic has more than 2,200 votes.

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Despite this overwhelming demand, Microsoft has remained silent on the topic, leaving many developers frustrated and disappointed.

Microsoft’s Response to the Request for Visual Studio on Linux

Microsoft’s response to the numerous requests for Visual Studio on Linux has been underwhelming, to say the least. The company has directed users to run Visual Studio on a Windows virtual machine, a solution that is both resource-intensive and far from ideal.


They have also pointed users to the Visual Studio for Linux feedback item, which, despite being the top request, remains marked as “New” with no concrete action taken.

Community Efforts to Bring Visual Studio to Linux

Despite Microsoft’s apparent lack of interest, the community has rallied around the cause of bringing Visual Studio to Linux.

A notable example is the DotDevelop project, which aims to revive the abandoned MonoDevelop IDE and make it compatible with the latest Linux and .NET Core versions.

While these efforts are commendable, they remain a far cry from an official Visual Studio release for Linux.

Alternatives to Visual Studio on Linux

In the absence of an official Visual Studio release for Linux, developers have turned to alternatives such as JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio Code, and the MonoDevelop IDE.

Alternatives for visual studio for linux

While these options offer some of the functionality found in Visual Studio, they often fall short in terms of features and performance.

Doubts About the Viability of Visual Studio on Linux

Many developers argue that porting Visual Studio to Linux is virtually impossible due to its reliance on Windows-specific technologies, such as Win32, COM, and WPF.Furthermore, the sheer complexity of Visual Studio’s codebase would make such an undertaking a monumental task.

These factors, combined with Microsoft’s resistance to investing resources in the effort, cast serious doubt on the viability of a Linux version of Visual Studio.

As it stands, Visual Studio for Linux remains a pipe dream for many developers. Despite the strong community support and demand, the IDE’s availability on Linux is uncertain as Microsoft has not made any official statement regarding it.

In the meantime, Linux developers must make do with alternative IDEs and workarounds.

Comments from Users on Visual Studio for Linux

User frustration is palpable in the comments surrounding the topic of Visual Studio for Linux. Many express disappointment in Microsoft’s lack of action and lament the fact that the company has not capitalized on the opportunity to bolster its reputation within the Linux community.

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Some users have gone as far as to say that Visual Studio for Linux will “never happen” due to the technical challenges and Microsoft’s unwillingness to invest resources in the project.

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In conclusion, the dream of Visual Studio for Linux appears to be just that: a dream. Despite the overwhelming demand and ongoing community efforts, Microsoft has shown little inclination to bring its popular IDE to the Linux platform.

For the foreseeable future, Linux developers will have to continue relying on alternative IDEs and workarounds, with the hope that one day, Microsoft will change its stance and embrace the Linux community wholeheartedly.

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