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Top LinkedIn .NET Content Creators you must Follow

Jun 16, 2023 | C#, .NET

The developers community on LinkedIn is incredibly huge and cool! Among them, some individuals stand out with .NET content that enlightens, educates and inspires. Intrigued in knowing who these .NET ninjas are?

Let’s jump right in!

(Just a head’s up: none of this content is sponsored, just us giving back to the .NET community!)

Keivan Damirchi

Keivan Damirchi

Having earned the admiration of 30k+ followers, Keivan is a software developer who finds constant excitement in mastering his coding skills. His dedication to overcoming new challenges in the field is truly inspiring.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Keivan Damirchi

Milan Jovanović

Milan Jovanovic

Milan Jovanović is certainly a name that resonates within the .NET community. As a senior software engineer, his expertise and know-how primarily revolve around the intricate universe of .NET. His online presence on LinkedIn is monumental, brimming upwards of 65K followers. And there’s good reason for this massive following.

Milan consistently sheds light on the ins and outs of not just C# and .NET, but also the broader landscape of software engineering and architecture. He dives deep into the construct of distributed systems and shares effective techniques for optimizing databases.

Year 2023 marked a significant milestone for Milan. It was when he accomplished his long-standing goal of becoming a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies. He celebrates this achievement by amplifying his content creation. Every Saturday morning, Milan drops his nuggets of wisdom in a newsletter that’s packed with practical tips on .NET & software architecture, which any software enthusiast can implement seasoned or not.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Milan Jovanović

Stefan Đokić

image 2

Stefan Đokić is not an average Senior Software Engineer. His passion for problem-solving shines through his work — he sees each problem as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge. What’s more exciting? He loves the analytical approach! Truly a maestro in C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET and other technologies!

Stefan is also committed to the disbursement of knowledge across the .NET community, evident in his interactions with his robust follower count of over 30K on LinkedIn. His standpoint is solid: there is always something to learn from everyone, and by sharing his knowledge, he’s not only fostering growth in the .NET expanse but also, he’s assisting others at an individual level.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Stefan Đokić

Mario Smolčić


With a blend of experience and passion, Mario Smolčić is indeed an effective force in the .NET world. As an experienced full-stack software engineer, he is always committed to maintaining top-notch technical skills and keeping himself updated with industry knowledge.

Mario has proven his mettle by working for a vast range of companies, from startups to big corporations, and he played an instrumental role in leading multiple technical interviews for clients, recruiting platforms, and teams to achieve project goals.

Definitely, someone you want to follow to stay afloat the .NET trends.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Mario Smolčić

Oleg Kyrylchuk

image 3

Oleg, with his 13K+ followers on LinkedIn, is a .NET developer, Microsoft MVP, Blogger and .NET enthusiast. He’s definitely someone to follow if you want to keep up with .NET trends.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Oleg Kyrylchuk

Nick Chapsas

image 31

Enriching the .NET community with his extensive experience, Nick Chapsas has proven to be a credible voice in the .NET realm. Working as a .NET Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, and an avid YouTube content creator, Nick has greatly contributed to the field.

Whether it’s C#, Azure, AWS, SQL, or microservice development, he’s your go-to person. And let’s not forget his knack for designing complex scalable services. Nick’s passion and belief in Software Craftsmanship, along with his adaptability to new tech, make him a true gem in the community.

More than 42K followers on LinkedIn can’t be wrong! They tap into Nick’s expertise and benefit from his wisdom regularly. Through mentoring aspiring developers, Nick is helping to craft the next generation of .NET experts.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Nick Chapsas

Steven Giesel

image 4

Steven is a software engineer whose heart lies in the .NET ecosystem. Having worked in different domains, including broadcasting, scientific simulations and the banking sector, he brings a diverse perspective to his 20k+ followers.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Steven Giesel

Muhammad Waseem

image 5

Meet Muhammad Waseem, the Senior Software Engineer from Pakistan, who is also a tech content creator. With more than three years of experience in .NET technologies, he has garnered the attention of over 24K followers on his LinkedIn. Covering topics like C# and .NET, Waseem has shown to have a strong grip in the programming language and software framework. Strong combination, isn’t it?

He brings a unique perspective to his followers with a combination of professional experience and his passion for knowledge sharing. So, if you want to know the ins and outs of .NET, then Muhammad Waseem is your man.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Muhammad Waseem

Pavle Davitkovic

image 6

Here’s a name that’s got quite a buzz in the .NET realm – Pavle Davitkovic. With more than 15K followers on LinkedIn, this .NET software developer is passionate about creating efficient solutions. Trust me, his content does justice to his passion.

Getting his hands dirty in .NET, Xamarin.Forms & MAUI, Entity Framework Core and more, Pavle is no stranger to the world of relational databases. Oh and did I mention when he is not coding, he is posting content on LinkedIn? Interested in finding out more?

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Pavle Davitkovic

Dan Patrascu-Baba

image 7

If you’re looking for .NET expertise, you really can’t afford to not know Dan Patrascu-Baba. Dan’s blend of technical skills and his impressive following of over 8K makes him a brilliant content creator. With experience ranging from consulting at Microsoft to being a .Net developer at Amdaris, Dan knows his stuff.

But here’s what caught my eye – he is also the founder of the Codewrinkles platform. That’s right folks – hardcore dedication. No wonder he’s top on the .NET content creation scene. Need I say more?

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Dan Patrascu-Baba

Dmitry (Coding Machine) Pavlov

image 8

Step into the .NET world with the “Coding Machine,” Dmitry Pavlov. With over 10K followers, Dmitry is a world-class .NET contractor who predominantly deals with ASP.NET Core and Blazor.

Humorously claiming he’s a #10Xer and hailed as a top 1% on Stack Overflow and within the top 3% of freelance developers, his LinkedIn followers certainly agree with that claim. Feeling intrigued?

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Dmitry (Coding Machine) Pavlov

Adem Sahin

image 9

With a dominance over 8k followers, Adem Sahin has marked his spot among the top .NET content creators. His LinkedIn screams self-motivation, goal orientation and an analytical approach towards projects. With hands-on experience in problem-solving skills, Adem ensures that his projects see the light of the day, from their inception to completion. His followers cherish his content which revolves around a mix of complex .NET domains, yet in an easily digestible form.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Adem Sahin

Umer Farooq

image 10

For those having an ardent interest in web applications development in the .NET tech stack, Umer is a go-to content creator. With over 7K followers and a fountain of knowledge coming from 5 years of professional experience and as a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate, Umer brings valuable insights to his followers. He specializes in the complete software development life cycle, making his content invaluable for .NET developers, both beginners and professionals.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Umer Farooq

Mukesh Murugan

image 11

Topping the charts with 10K followers, Mukesh Murugan is a web development expert with a sound command over Go, .NET and AWS. His regular blogging which has gained over 4 million+ visitors, active contribution in the .NET community and over 570+ articles make him a well-renowned .NET Content Creator.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Mukesh Murugan

Chigozie Anyasor

image 12

Bagging a massive following of 20K, Chigozie Anyasor’s content primarily focuses on the art of software development in the banking industry. With over 10 years of experience, he has great knowledge of various Technology tools used in solution architecture and software development. His followers value his insights on business needs, process automation, ML, AI-powered smart apps and systems integration.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Chigozie Anyasor

Saeed Esmaeelinejad

image 13

Saeed Esmaeelinejad, a self-proclaimed .Net enthusiast, is one to follow if you’re passionate about Microsoft technology. Packing many years of experience in software development, his addiction to the learning and utilization of new technologies is exhibited clearly in his content. Particularly, he is known for his compelling posts about C#, EF, Asp.net and SQL server. Given his dedication towards making progress and simplifying things, his page offers valuable tips and insights to his 12K+ followers.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Saeed Esmaeelinejad

Muhammad Hanif

image 14

Muhammad Hanif, with his 3.5K+ followership, showcases a mature and diverse approach to tech. Documenting his journey through development of multiple commercially successful products, he uses his .NET knowledge to dig into the core web technologies and weave masterful software solutions. His passion for emerging technologies is a testament to his continuous learning mentality.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Muhammad Hanif

Rami Alkhateeb

image 15

True to his bio, Rami Alkhateeb is indeed an experienced backend developer, with over 5 years of hands-on experience, primarily in .NET and Angular. His 700+ followers receive valuable knowledge from his passion for merging his managerial skills with his development tactics. Always in pursuit of challenges, Rami is a tech aficionado with a flair for business.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Rami Alkhateeb

Ali Momenzadeh

image 16

If there’s one thing Ali Momenzadeh has proven to his 2K+ follower base, it’s that he knows his way around .NET Development. With a decade of full-stack experience under his belt, Ali has breathed life into various enterprise projects. Readying ideas for the realistic world, he is passionate, motivated and excellent at synchronizing with his team members.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Ali Momenzadeh


image 17

If innovation and new technology get your blood pumping, Zied KHLIFI is your guy. With a knack for Microsoft components and communication, Zied is no stranger to collaboration and interaction. Active engagement with 3K+ followers is a testament to his buzzing energy and readiness to embrace and conquer new challenges.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Zied KHLIFI

Stefan Oproiu

image 18

Stefan Oproiu, a Senior Angular & .NET Full Stack Developer, boasts more than 14K followers on LinkedIn. He describes himself as a programmer passionate about software architecture and the design of highly scalable distributed systems. His command of C# and ASP.NET Core makes his content appealing and enriching for .NET enthusiasts.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Stefan Oproiu

Aram Tchekrekjian

image 19

Aram Tchekrekjian is a technical manager at Aramex and an enterprisingly seasoned Software Engineer. He shares his 13+ years of .NET wisdom with his 12K followers. His posts often feature insights drawn from his wide-ranging experience working with various technology stacks. A frequent writer, Aram shares technical content on LinkedIn and his blog codingsonata.com.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Aram Tchekrekjian

Ramil Aliyev

image 20

Ramil Aliyev, a Full-stack Developer hailing from Baku, Azerbaijan, has garnered over 5K followers on LinkedIn. His comprehensive exposure in various technologies, such as C#, ASP.NET Core, makes him a prominent figure to follow for insights and updates on .NET Framework.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Ramil Aliyev

Umair Shehzad

image 21

Umair Shehzad, a Software Engineer & Team Lead, has managed to draw an audience of more than 5.5K followers due to his particular .NET and JavaScript expertise. Umair’s passion for programming shines through his LinkedIn posts and his devotion to various .NET projects is commendable.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Umair Shehzad

Nabi Karampoor

image 22

Nabi Karampoor, known as ‘Chiako’, is a dedicated full-time developer with particular expertise in ASP.NET. His 14K+ followers value his deep knowledge of .NET, C#, ASP.NET and other related technologies. Nabi’s posts often tackle complex concepts, making them consumable for his large following.

👉Follow in Linkedin!: Nabi Karampoor

Harutyun Shmavonyan

image 23

Harutyun is an industry veteran with more than eight years of experience in the field of software engineering. Known for his ability to consistently deliver high-quality, scalable solutions, Harutyun is a firm believer in leveraging cutting edge Microsoft technologies like C#, NET 7, ASP.NET and more to the fullest extent imaginable. With over 3.5k loyal followers, it’s evident that he has plenty to offer the .NET community.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Harutyun Shmavonyan

Jalal Alzebda

image 24

Jalal Alzebda isn’t just a software architect. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and a Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert. His specialties lie in C#, Angular and Microsoft Azure and Jalal has a proven track record in software design, development and team leadership. With more than 13K passionate followers, he is truly a beacon of knowledge in the .NET community.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Jalal Alzebda

Dan Clarke

image 25

When you have Dan Clarke in your corner, the world of NET, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes and software architecture is at your fingertips. As a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and a seasoned programmer with over 20 years of experience, Dan is well-recognized in the .NET community. His passion for programming is evident with his highly followed podcast and YouTube channel where he shares insightful content. Following him on LinkedIn will add incredible value, as witnessed by his 2.5k followers.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Dan Clarke

Rahul Nath

image 26

Rahul Nath is a Full Stack Developer with more than 14 years of industry experience. His competencies lie in cloud technologies and building large-scale applications, with a strong focus on Microsoft .NET stack. His ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand form is what makes his content so engaging to his 7.5k followers.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Rahul Nath

Dave Callan

image 28

Dave Callan brings to the table 16 years of full stack .NET development and architecture experience. He holds a 1st class honours higher diploma in psychology, an aspect that clearly reflects in his content. With over 27K followers, his insights and knowledge deeply impact the .NET community.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Dave Callan

David Grace

David Grace is a powerhouse with over 15 years of commercial experience as a senior .NET web developer. His mastery of the C# coding language and ASP.NET Core MVC framework have proven invaluable for his 12k+ followers. Never one to shy away from the evolution of technology, David gracefully adapts as .NET Core morphed into .NET 5 and then .NET 6. The way he simplifies advanced topics like the separation of the presentation layer and data layer is a testament to his deep understanding of the industry.

image 29

👉Follow on Linkedin!: David Grace

Adnan Maqbool Khan

image 30

Adnan is no ordinary .NET developer – with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Project Management, he brings a unique blend of technical and managerial skills to the table.

He has spent a decade mastering the art of .NET, impacting both front-end and back-end development with his in-depth knowledge of various technologies. Known for being a strong team leader and communicator, Adnan’s content captivates his audience, which has grown to over 8.5k followers.

👉Follow on Linkedin!: Adnan Maqbool Khan

All the .NET content creators listed here are doing an extraordinary job of enhancing knowledge, sharing updates and making .NET more approachable and digestible for a vast community of developers around the world.

Their sincere efforts to help the .NET community do not go unnoticed and we owe much of our progress to these trailblazers. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a novice in the field, their content is definitely worth exploring.

We’re aware that the .NET world is home to many extraordinary content creators and we apologize if we’ve missed out on any. If you think there’s someone who deserves to be on this list, please let us know! We would love to keep this list up to date and make it a powerful, continuous resource for all .NET enthusiasts around the world.

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