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Shield .NET Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension

Streamline C# code obfuscation, secure DLLs and enhance protection in Visual Studio with Shield's seamless integration, zero code modification approach and compatibility with multiple Visual Studio versions, including Visual Studio 2019/2022.

Experience the power of our military-grade .NET obfuscator Visual Studio extension designed for effortless integration and maximum security.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate Shield effortlessly into your Visual Studio workflow for a hassle-free obfuscation experience. Save time and resources as our extension takes care of the obfuscation process, allowing you to focus on development and enhancing your applications.
  • Smooth integration with Visual Studio
  • Effortless obfuscation in your workflow
  • Saves time and resources
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Zero Code Modification

Protect your .NET applications, C# code, and DLLs without altering your original code. Shield maintains your code integrity while obfuscating sensitive information, ensuring a secure and reliable protection process that doesn't interfere with your application's functionality.
  • Protect .NET applications and DLLs
  • No alterations to original code
  • Maintains code integrity
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Wide Compatibility

Shield is compatible with multiple Visual Studio versions, including Visual Studio 2019 and 2022, ensuring flexibility for your projects. Stay confident knowing that our extension adapts to your preferred development environment, providing consistent and powerful obfuscation capabilities.
  • Compatible with VS 2019 and 2022
  • Flexible for various projects
  • Adapts to development environment
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Military-Grade Security

Leverage Shield's advanced obfuscation techniques to safeguard your .NET applications from reverse engineering and tampering. Our military-grade security ensures the protection of your intellectual property, giving you peace of mind and keeping your valuable assets secure.
  • Advanced obfuscation techniques
  • Protects intellectual property
  • Keeps valuable assets secure
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How Shield Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension Works

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to seamlessly integrate Shield into your Visual Studio environment and start securing your .NET applications, C# code, and DLLs today.

Effortless Extension Installation

Begin your journey to secure code by installing the Shield Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension – a process as simple as a few clicks. Experience hassle-free integration and step into the world of robust .NET applications and obfuscated C# code.
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Create Your ByteHide Account

Take the next step by setting up your ByteHide account. Gain access to advanced obfuscation features and secure your C# code, DLLs, and .NET applications with ease using our .NET obfuscator Visual Studio Extension. Are you ready to shield your projects from prying eyes?
Create your ByteHide Account
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Link Extension to ByteHide

Connect your Shield Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension with your ByteHide account in a few simple steps. Unleash the power of seamless integration and robust security features like Visual Studio code obfuscation, preparing you to tackle any threats to your code.
  • One-Click Authorization
  • Instant Account Linking
  • Effortless Security Setup
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Ready to Protect Your Apps

With everything set up, you're ready to protect your apps without changing a single line of code. Experience the unparalleled security and peace of mind that Shield Visual Studio code obfuscator and net obfuscator extension provide for your projects.
  • Integration with Visual Studio
  • Automation with MSBuild deployment process
  • Run it from the CLI and configure it with commands
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Trusted by developers from over 50 countries

ByteHide Shield provides a powerful and necessary infrastructure and integrations to automate the process of effectively securing source code.

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Integrate Security in Visual Studio

Using ByteHide Shield Visual Studio Extension

Frequently asked questions about obfuscation and protection in Visual Studio

What is Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension?

Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension is a powerful tool that integrates with your Visual Studio environment to provide advanced obfuscation features for your .NET applications, C# code, and DLLs. It helps you protect your code from reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized access, ensuring the security and integrity of your applications. With seamless integration and an easy-to-use interface, this extension simplifies the obfuscation process and enhances the overall development experience.

How do I obfuscate C# code in Visual Studio?

To obfuscate C# code in Visual Studio, you need to install the Shield Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension. Once installed, connect the extension to your ByteHide account for advanced obfuscation features. The extension will then automatically obfuscate your C# code during the build process without requiring any changes to your source code. This ensures your code is protected from reverse engineering and other security threats while maintaining its original functionality.

Can I obfuscate DLLs in Visual Studio?

Yes, you can obfuscate DLLs in Visual Studio using the Shield Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension. The extension provides comprehensive protection for your .NET applications, including DLLs, by obfuscating the code and making it more difficult for attackers to reverse-engineer or tamper with your software. Simply install the extension, connect it to your ByteHide account, and let it handle the obfuscation process automatically during the build process.

Is the Visual Studio code obfuscation process complicated?

No, the Visual Studio code obfuscation process is not complicated, thanks to the Shield Visual Studio Obfuscator Extension. The extension simplifies the obfuscation process by seamlessly integrating with your Visual Studio environment and automatically obfuscating your code during the build process. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow steps, you can secure your .NET applications, C# code, and DLLs without hassle or complex configurations.

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