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Unbeatable Protection for your Unity Projects

Safeguard your Unity projects, ensuring that your effort and time will translate into exclusivity and success. Experience peace of mind knowing that your work is truly protected against tampering and piracy, allowing you to focus on what really matters: bringing your vision to life.

Shield for Unity

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Benefits of using Shield for Unity

Shield Obfuscator is the leading solution to protect your Unity projects, ensuring that your hard work remains safe from theft and malicious attacks.

Keep your intellectual property safe

Keep your application algorithms and data (which are important to your business) secure and hidden. Therefore, prevent crackers or competitors from analyzing, decompiling and stealing them.

Protect your source of income

Prevent attackers from cracking, exploiting or decompiling your application licensing or authentication system to gain unauthorized access that could severely damage your business.

Prevent your applications from cracking

Compiled programming languages are easy to decompile with some free and public tools. In client-side applications, it is very easy to manipulate security checks, illegally access paid features, bypass logins or licenses, or manipulate logic (cheat). This affects the experience of your legitimate users and gives your project a bad image.

Ensure integrity and lock out competitors

Do you know what it means if competitors, hackers or third parties can decompile .EXE, .DLL or APK files? It means that your intellectual property (IP) is at incredible risk of being stolen. As a result, they may be able to crack, clone and spread harmful copies of your program, causing damage to your customers, your business and your reputation.

Protect your Unity files easily

Shield is an advanced Unity obfuscator designed with ease of use in mind. You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to protect your game assets and code. Our intuitive interface and powerful features make safeguarding your Unity projects a breeze.

  • Protect from reverse engineering
  • Increase the security of your applications
  • Keep your intellectual property safe and away from crackers

Prevent Decompilation & Vulnerabilities

Protecting your Unity files is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your game, preventing cracking or reverse engineering attempts by potential attackers or competitors. Shield ensures that your hard work remains secure, keeping decompilers at bay.

  • Prevent your applications from cracking
  • Avoid piracy
  • Keep security up-to-date

How our Shield works to secure Unity files

Shield is the ultimate Unity obfuscator, providing top-notch protection for your game assets and code, ensuring a secure gaming experience.

Advanced Code Analysis

Shield utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to detect the most valuable and vulnerable parts of your Unity code, ensuring optimal protection. Our in-depth analysis helps identify potential weaknesses and strengthens them against reverse engineering attacks.

It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield

Optimize & Compress Unity Files

Shield not only safeguards your Unity project but also optimizes and compresses it for enhanced performance. By applying advanced compression techniques, your game’s load times are reduced, providing a smoother experience for players.

  • NShrink the application
  • NCompress and optimize resources
  • NImprove performance
It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield in a second stage

Protect Your Unity App

Shield employs advanced algorithms and security layers to thwart potential attacks like reverse engineering or tampering. Our multi-layered protection system ensures that your Unity app remains secure, allowing you to focus on providing an enjoyable gaming experience for users.
It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield in a third stage.

Effortless Integration

Easily select and configure your Unity app protections. These protections are multi-layered, but rest assured about their compatibility, as the settings for compatibility will automatically be balanced and applied for your particular project. These polymorphic protections within Unity mean that a single configuration will fortify your application differently each time, thereby elevating the security level considerably.

  • NIntegration with Unity Engine
It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield
It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield in a second stage
It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield in a third stage.
It represents the cycle of protecting a Blazor App with Shield

Trusted by developers from over 50 countries

ByteHide Shield provides a powerful and necessary infrastructure and integrations to automate the process of effectively securing source code.


Protected code lines




Companies that trust

Enterprise-grade obfuscation, easy for you

Select and configure the protections easily. The protections are multi-layered but you don’t have to worry about the compatibility between them, automatically the compatibility settings will be applied and balanced for your specific application. Being polymorphic protections, a single configuration will protect your application differently each time, making the security level very high.

Call Hiding

Control Flow

Constants Protection

Symbols Renaming

Anti Tamper

Native Encryption

Unity Protections
unity 2

Monitor your Unity application in end-user environments

Monitor usage and security metrics from the web dashboard catered to your Unity-based projects and get alerts and notifications for security-related activities within your application. Furthermore, you hold the authority to manage environments, inhibit execution on rooted devices or virtual machines, or power up real-time detection of hacking tools within your Unity application.

Business impact

of code security automation with Shield

Using Shield in the context of Unity, your code’s security and integrity can be automated. The inherited security settings and techniques across different versions of your application ensure that your Unity-based software is perpetually defended.

Easy implementation, with no code required.


Reduced risk

Enhancing the security of your Unity projects and removing vulnerabilities diminishes the likelihood of enduring a cyber attack, data breaches of confidential user information, or exposure of your company’s intellectual property.

Increased productivity

By automating security and centralizing it in the ByteHide platform you allow your Unity developers to focus on development and not on security. Accomplishing tasks faster and maintaining the scalability of your team.

Reduced cost

Reduces infrastructure costs associated with code protection, human costs for configuration and management, and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches that can save up to 95%.

Get more customers by ensuring their safety

Guarantees data security and privacy to your end users, which increases trust in your company and gets more customers to use your products.

Protect your company from competitors

Maintain a safe distance from your competitors. With the use of Shield, safeguard your Unity applications from being decompiled and thwart any attempts to copy your proprietary or patented algorithms. By doing so, Shield helps to secure your company’s exclusive standing in the market.

Using ByteHide Shield to obfuscate Unity applications in their compilation

Frequently asked questions about obfuscation and applications protection

Why is Unity obfuscation necessary?

Obfuscation is essential for protecting your Unity project from potential threats like reverse engineering, theft of game assets and mechanics, and unauthorized tampering. By obfuscating your code, you make it more difficult for hackers to understand and exploit it, ensuring the security of your intellectual property and safeguarding your game’s revenue.

How does Shield Obfuscator work with Unity?

Shield Obfuscator seamlessly integrates with your Unity project, analyzing your code using advanced AI algorithms to detect valuable or vulnerable parts. It then applies multiple layers of protection, including encryption and compression, to secure your project from reverse engineering, cracking attempts, and tampering while maintaining optimal performance.

Will obfuscation affect my game's performance?

Shield Obfuscator is designed to maintain or even improve your game’s performance. By applying advanced compression techniques during the obfuscation process, load times are reduced, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for players without compromising security.

Can I still update my Unity project after obfuscation?

Yes! Shield Obfuscator allows you to keep your Unity project up-to-date without any hassle. Its seamless integration enables you to apply updates and changes to your game while maintaining the security layers that protect it from potential threats.

How easy is it to integrate Shield Obfuscator into my development workflow?

Integrating Shield Obfuscator into your development workflow is incredibly easy. With just a few clicks, you can have it set up and working alongside your Unity project, ensuring that your game is protected from the moment you start developing. Its automation capabilities also make it simple to apply obfuscation during the development process without any manual intervention.

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