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Using ByteHide Monitor to keep your applications secure

Frequently asked questions about why use ByteHide Monitor

What is Monitor?

ByteHide Monitor is an advanced runtime protection system (RASP) designed to be integrated into client applications as a micro-agent. The main purpose of this micro-agent is to monitor and protect the application against a wide range of security threats and vulnerabilities, even in environments that are normally insecure and uncontrollable.

What is Monitor specifically responsible for?

Monitor will collect information such as IP, operating system, hardware and geographical location to identify and take specific actions against vulnerable devices or targeted attacks.

But not only that, when we mean that it monitors all aspects of the application we refer to:

Code: Detection of tampering and malicious code injections.

Memory: Monitoring of anomalies such as heap overflows and uninitialized memory usage.

Processes: Monitoring against process injection and other tampering.

Data: Protection against data exfiltration and manipulation of sensitive data.

Environment: Detection of execution on compromised devices such as rooted or jailbroken devices.

System: Verification of operating system and hardware to detect insecure environments such as VMs and sandboxes.

Dependencies: Evaluation of loaded third-party libraries and modules to ensure they are not compromised.

How will I be able to use Monitor?

Monitor will be integrated with the ByteHide platform, so you will be able to configure, visualize and control the security of each instance of your monitored application by accessing from the web panel.

What are the benefits of using ByteHide Monitor?

Comprehensive Protection: Complete coverage of all aspects of security, providing defense in depth.

Enhanced Visibility: Full transparency into the security status of the application at every instance of execution.

Proactive Response: Ability to respond quickly and in an informed manner to security incidents.

Flexibility and Control: Customizable configuration and full control over security actions through a centralized dashboard.

ByteHide Monitor is more than just a RASP; it’s a comprehensive security solution designed to dynamically adapt and respond to the constantly evolving threats in the modern application landscape.