ByteHideApiKeyAssociate your ByteHide account in order to protect your application.
ShieldPresetAllows you to select which protection preset will be used when protecting.
ShieldProjectNameName of the web project to be associated with protecting the application
ShieldForceForce protect with Shield whenever your application is compiled.
ShieldEnabledDisable Shield so that your application is not protected at any time.
ShieldProtectionsAllows you to select the protections as soon as the preset is custom.

Things to consider and incompatibilities

Some users have reported some bugs and we are working on it, but it is important for you to know.

Trim unused dependencies

There have been reported failures if when packaging with visual studio you check the option "Trim unused dependencies", this causes some protections to fail because Shield checked the dependencies in the security phase and then they are not present, please, for the moment, do not check this option.

Single file output

Files packed in a single file does not work correctly with some of the protections, we recommend not to use this option.

Configure Protections