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First steps with the CLI (6 min)

Integrate security into your applications directly from the terminal, on any device. The ByteHide CLI is a tool for developers that allows you to configure any .NET project and apply security to it from your terminal.

ByteHide CLI allows you to integrate all bytehide services in one place, use Shield or next services in your terminal comfortably.

It works on Windows, MacOS and Linux and offers functionalities that coordinate with your cloud configurations.


Install from terminal

ByteHide is a global .NET tool, you can install it on your computer by running:

 dotnet tool install -g bytehide

Once installed you can run it from any terminal with:bytehide <COMMAND>, try:

 bytehide hello

Install a specific version

Use the flag --version to determine the version of bytehide you want to use.

 dotnet tool install -g bytehide --version 1.0.0

Install manually

  1. Download the latest bytehide.cli.zip from Github/bytehide/cli.zip
  2. Unzip the bytehide.0.0.2.zip file
  3. Run the ByteHide.exe file from your terminal

Update ByteHide CLI

To update ByteHide CLI run in your terminal:

dotnet tool update --global bytehide

Uninstall ByteHide CLI

To remove ByteHide CLI run in your terminal:

dotnet tool uninstall --global bytehide
Tutorial (Video)