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First steps with msbuild (6 min)

To be able to protect with Shield in your compilations you must associate it to your ByteHide account, this will keep everything in sync to make the process easier for you.

If you don't have your API KEY yet, first generate one in order to continue with this step.

Once you have the api token, you must associate it with the MSBuild integration directly in your project, to do this:

1. Open the project file

This project file must be the same where you installed Shield MSBuild:

Shield msbuild api token

2. Add the following property with your api token

The property you need to add is called ByteHideApiKey, there should only be one for each project, and it should always be inside a PropertyGroup tag.

how to create msbuild api token shield obfuscator

Insert your API key into the property, like this:


Once you have added your API Token in the configuration your account will be associated to the compilation process.

Your api token is a sensitive data, we recommend you to use a secret manager like ByteHide Secrets, so that you do not include this data in your configurations, or files directly.