Quick Start with ByteHide Shield for Unity

Getting Started

ByteHide Shield for Unity is a powerful tool that allows you to protect your Unity projects with ease. This Quick Start guide will help you quickly protect your Unity projects using ByteHide Shield.

ByteHide Shield Visual Studio Extension

Step 1: Install ByteHide Shield for Unity

Toggle Protection: Enable or disable protection for your project by clicking the On button.

Enable/Disable Protection

Step 2: Sign In to ByteHide Shield

Select Protections: Choose the protections you want to apply to your project.

Customize Protection Settings

Step 3: Configure ByteHide Shield

Save Configuration: Save your configuration by clicking the Save button.

Save Configuration

Step 4: Clean Configuration

Clean Configuration: Clear your configuration by clicking the Clean button.

Clean Configuration

Step 5: Close ByteHide Shield

Close ByteHide Shield: Close the configuration window by clicking the Close button.

Close Configuration

Step 6: Build Your Project

Protect Your Project: Your project will be automatically protected when you click the Build button.

Protect Project

Step 7: Sign Out

Sign Out: Sign out of ByteHide Shield for Unity by clicking the Sign Out button.

Sign Out