Configure protections

The content of this article is also available as a video tutorial.

Custom protections with msbuild (3 min)

As we have explained before, you can easily configure the presets, but what if you want to configure the protections by yourself, very easy, you can make use of the tag: <ShieldProtections>.

1. Configure the preset as custom

As simple as using the <ShieldPreset> tag and selecting custom


2. Configure the protections

Use the <ShieldProtections> tag to define all the protections that should be used to protect your application.

<ShieldProtections>rename;control flow matrix;....</ShieldProtections>

It is important that you separate the protections with ; and that you always add the ID and not the name of the protection.

How to know the ID of the protections

In this documentation you have the complete list of protections and their availability according to each edition, there you can see the ID of each one of them.

Finally, your configuration should look something like this:

  <ShieldProjectName>ByteHide Secrets</ShieldProjectName>
  <ShieldProtections>rename;constants;control flow;anti debugger</ShieldProtections>
  <ShieldForce>true</ShieldForce><!-- Because in aws we use Deploy mode instead of Release -->
General Settings