The content of this article is also available as a video tutorial.

First steps with the CLI (6 min)

For ByteHide CLI to work properly, you must be authenticated with your personal ByteHide API token.

Login with your API token

  bytehide login <API TOKEN>

Where <API TOKEN> should be the key that you have previously generated from your panel.

If we already had a session stored on our computer, it will be replaced by the new one.

Once our API token has been notified to be valid, you can freely use the ByteHide CLI.

Clear current API token

If you want to delete your stored account information, you can run the following command:

bytehide clear

Check current session

Optionally you can check if your API token is valid, it will inform you if it has expired or has been revoked.

To do this, use:

bytehide check