Documentation and tutorials in video format

Obfuscate, protect and deploy secure applications with ByteHide Shield. Start here to learn the basics of Shield while maintaining your usual development flow and without touching code.

Get Started

Windows Mac Linux CI/CD Custom deploy Recommended

The easiest, most convenient and fastest way to integrate Shield into your application to provide protected releases.

Protect your application with advanced protections

With Shield it is easy to modify what the protections do, how they should work and even what actions they should take. In this video you can see how to configure it yourself in less than 4 minutes.

Protecting inside visual studio

Windows Visual Studio 2019 Visual Studio 2022

Not for Xamarin or packed apps (.apk, .pkg, .msi).

You may prefer to use an integration with Visual Studio interface, for this use our official visual studio extension.

Advanced configuration in visual studio

As with the other integrations, from visual studio you will be able to use configuration files to protect your applications in an advanced way.

Protecting from terminal

Windows Mac Linux Custom deploy

Not for Xamarin or packed apps (.apk, .pkg, .msi).

Like many enterprise and developer tools, you have the option to use the terminal for your own integrations, learn how and feel free to integrate Shield from any CLI.

Advanced configuration when using terminal

If you need to automate the process or use advanced settings, you can learn how to do it in 3 minutes.