From Shield CLI you can manage the applications found in the projects, remember that if the project was created from the terminal, it will not be able to store applications, but they can be reused locally.

Add applications

Applications are always associated with a project, so it will be necessary that you have previously created or obtained a project and have its key. To add an application to the project, use the command:

bytehide shield application:add <PROJECT> <APPLICATION PATH>

Where the <PROJECT> parameter will be the name of the shield project and the <APPLICATION PATH> parameter will be the full application path, i.e: C:\files\apps\myApp.exe.

If the project does not exist, it will be created at the moment, if you prefer to use a specific project you can use its project key, for this you must specify the --key or kflag:

bytehide shield application:add <PROJECT KEY> <APPLICATION PATH> --key

If you add the application to an existing project by default the application settings will be inherited from the project.

Delete applications

In version 1.0 Shield CLI does not allow removing or updating dependencies for an application.