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with military-grade protection

ByteHide Shield helps you easily protect your .NET applications to prevent them from being deobfuscated and prevent code theft.

In addition, Shield ensures the integrity of all your .NET application algorithms and intellectual property: Prevent their licensing systems from being illegitimately unlocked or their software from being decompiled and cracked directly affecting their business, reputation and revenue.

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Why protect your .NET applications with Shield?

Unlike typical .NET obfuscators, ByteHide Shield offers state-of-the-art protection, adapted to today’s problems.
You will never be worried about reverse engineering again.

Keep your intellectual property safe

Keep the algorithms and data in your .NET and .NET Core applications (that are important to your business) secure and hidden. Therefore, preventing crackers or competitors from analyzing, decompiling and stealing them.

Unrestricted user licensing and world-class support

ByteHide Shield has an unrestricted user license model designed to meet a wide range of needs. You are not limited by a number of licenses per user. At the same time, you have exceptional support that will always be on hand to help you, ensuring that any problems or questions you may have are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Prevent your applications from cracking

C# is a programming language that is easy to decode or decompile. In client-side .NET applications, it is very easy to manipulate security checks, illegally access payment functions, bypass logins or licenses, or manipulate logic (cheating). This affects the experience of your legitimate users and gives your project a bad image.

Protect your apps with an easy-to-use solution

ByteHide Shield offers a user-friendly experience, requiring no source code modification or advanced cybersecurity knowledge to safeguard your .NET applications. Simply integrate our solution seamlessly and focus on your business, knowing your intellectual property is secure.

Not just a simple .NET obfuscation

Many .NET obfuscation methods have become obsolete and are easily decompiled with deobfuscators or unpackers like De4dot or DnSpy. Our dotnet next-generation obfuscator offers everything you need not only to be protected now, but also in the future.


Powerful code optimization

With obfuscation algorithms, Shield replaces slow code with faster patterns, improves performance and method access, and removes metadata that allows attackers and reverse engineering experts to analyze and decompile the application causing severe performance problems. This process can significant reduce app size.

  • NMetadata reduction
  • NRegex expressions compilation
  • NCode Inlining
  • NCompression and resource optimization

Powerful code optimization

Implementing our .NET obfuscator offers you enterprise-grade security and .NET code protection that blends different layers of polymorphic and genuine protections that combine with each other to isolate all points of your applications, as a result, encrypted symbols cannot be cracked. It flexes security to achieve the perfect balance that allows you to deploy your apps without worrying about decompiling DLLs or dependencies.

Call Hiding

Control Flow

Constants Protect

Symbols Renaming

Anti Tamper

Native Encryption


Ensures integrity

Protecting your application against modifications is very important: if someone tries to fast decompile (with ILSpy or DnSpy) and the code is manipulated, integrity protections will block the execution preventing unauthorized debugging and reverse engineering. Integrity checks are included in the protections, which makes them undetectable.

  • NSmart Native Protection®
  • NFlow control integrity
  • NMethod call integrity
  • NConstants and data integrity

Industrial Grade code shielding

Preventing unwanted tampering is crucial for your applications. By applying integrity checks and preventing decompilation, our .NET and C# obfuscator protects your application, DLLs and dependencies against decompilation for the lifetime of your application.

  • NAvoid malware embedding attacks
  • NEnsure client-side security Logic of anti-cheating
  • NDefend against DRM/license application tampering
  • NPrevent decompilation and reverse engineering of your application

Environment protection of your .NET applications

Protecting your application is not enough. If both your environment and the libraries, packages and tools you need are easily manipulated, it will create a security breach that directly affects your application. Shield guarantees the integrity of dependencies and protects your source code against decompilation or reverse engineering.

  • NDependency protection
  • NAvoids dependency replacement
  • NEnsures the integrity of external packages

We are backed by

Obfuscation as a service trusted by developers from over 50 countries

ByteHide Shield provides a powerful and necessary infrastructure and integrations to automate the process of effectively securing source code.


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How Shield works

ByteHide Shield is an advanced and flexible obfuscation service, an automated way to protect the source code of applications in the same compilation process.

It is designed to integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 & 2022 with a single click and automate the security of your applications. No configurations or requirements are needed!

Process Operation

Shield operation

Shield processes your compiled application, allowing it to be integrated from anywhere and without requiring tools. It then analyzes, transforms, protects and re-compiles the application creating an accurately functioning but completely secure application.

Process Configure


To configure the powerfull protections and security level, you only have to indicate it to Shield through its easy configuration, you will not have to modify or adapt your application in any case.

Process Integration

Integrating Shield

As Shield is an obfuscator as a service, it can be run in any environment and platform. You can download the NuGet package for free but the most effective option is to integrate it with its MSBuild task in the compilation process of your application. You .NET application will be protected directly, so you can deploy it to any server without extra DevOps steps.

Process Always

Your application always up to date

With ByteHide Shield, you always have the latest and newest updates, ensuring that your applications are protected with the latest technology. In addition, with 10 times faster processing power, you can now enjoy all layers of protection and in-app prevention mechanisms directly from your local environment.

Business impact

of code security automation with Shield

With Shield, the security and integrity of your code can be automated. Security settings and techniques are inherited between versions of your application ensuring that your software is always protected.

Reduced risk

Improve the security of your software, eliminate vulnerabilities in your C# code such as SQL injection and ensure that the security of your applications is indestructible in all versions.

Increased productivity

Reduces time spent protecting your applications. Integrates, manages and automates .NET obfuscation so you don’t have to rely on tools and configurations.

Reduced cost

Reduces infrastructure costs associated with code protection, human costs for configuration and management and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches that can save up to 95%.

Protect your first application

Protecting your first application is free and takes less than 3 minutes

Frequently asked questions


What is obfuscation in C#

Obfuscation in C# is a very important security process (which many people and companies ignore). Obfuscation consists in "hiding" the visual source code of the program or application written in .NET, modifying the logic it uses and preventing the values or names from being decompiled. Obfuscating C# code prevents any attacker from reverse engineering the application and decompiling it. In this way, the application cannot be modified, copied or cracked, keeping it secure all the time.


Why should I obfuscate my code?

You should obfuscate the code of your C# applications because .NET is a compiled language. This means that anyone could access and reverse engineer that code and steal all your intellectual property.

(PS: how many times have you seen "X" cracked program on the internet?)


How can I obfuscate my .NET applications?

In the jungle of .NET obfuscators, there is no exact way to obfuscate a .NET application but the most common obfuscation techniques are:
- Control Flow: Modifies the flow of methods so that it cannot be easily interpreted.
- Renaming: Renames and confuses the symbols. That helps to the compiled source code cannot be decompiled or read.
- Constant Disintegration obfuscate string: Disintegrates the integers of your application in several arithmetic, logical and conditional operations dynamically so that the original value cannot be obtained.
- Anti-debug: This protection is known by prevent the application from being debugged or profiled.

They are too complex to perform manually, you need to be a security expert in applications written in C#. Therefore we recommend you to use an powerful obfuscator like Shield.


What is .NET obfuscator?

A C# or .NET Obfuscator (known as dot net obfuscator) is a tool that makes the code in a program more difficult to read while still allowing it to work. This makes the program more secure, more difficult to crack, decompile or reverse engineering the code.The most important parts of the code are hidden so deeply that it is hard to figure out which parts of the application are important. Shield is a clear example of an obfuscator.


How can I use Shield without downloading?

Shield works on complied assemblies so you can harden your .NET apps from our web panel without download nothing. You also have our .NET obfuscator available as:
- Visual Studio Extension (Directly integrate with your project file *.csproj)
- NuGet Package (Easy app hardening with MSBuild integration)
- CLI Protect from the command line on (Windows, Linux or macOS)