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The Best .NET Obfuscator  with military-grade protection

ByteHide Shield help you protect your .NET applications to prevent them form being deobfuscated and avoid code theft.

In addition, Shield ensures the integrity of all your .NET application algorithms and intellectual property: Prevent their licensing systems from being illegitimately unlocked or their software from being decompiled and cracked directly affecting their business, reputation and revenue.Discover How it Works

Need Obfuscation for your Company or Business?


Why protect your .NET applications with Shield?

Unlike typical .NET obfuscators, ByteHide Shield offers state-of-the-art protection, adapted to today's problems.
You will never be worried about reverse engineering again.

Keep your intellectual property safe

Keep the algorithms and data in your .NET and .NET Core applications (that are important to your business) secure and hidden. Therefore, preventing crackers or competitors from analyzing, decompiling and stealing them.

Protect your source of income

Prevent attakers from cracking, exploiting or decompiling your application licensing system to get unauthorized access that might severely harm your company.

Prevent your applications from cracking

C# is a programming language that is easy to decode or decompile. In client-side .NET applications, it is very easy to manipulate security checks, illegally access payment functions, bypass logins or licenses, or manipulate logic (cheating). This affects the experience of your legitimate users and gives your project a bad image.

Ensure integrity and lock out competitors

Do you know what it means when competitors, hackers or third-party can decompile .EXE files? It means that your intellectual property (IP) is at incredible risk of being stolen. As a result, they may be able to crack, clone and spread harmful copies of your program, causing damage to your customers, your business and reputation.

Not just a simple .NET obfuscation

Many .NET obfuscation methods have become obsolete and are easily decompiled with deobfuscators or unpackers like De4dot or DnSpy. Our dotnet next-generation obfuscator offers everything you need not only to be protected now, but also in the future.

Powerful code optimization

With obfuscation algorithms, Shield replaces slow code with faster patterns, improves performance and method access, and removes metadata that allows attackers and reverse engineering experts to analyze and decompile the application causing severe performance problems. This process can significant reduce app size.

Metadata reduction
Regex expressions compilation
Code Inlining
Compression and resource optimization
Discover How it Works

Military-grade code obfuscation

Implementing our .NET obfuscator offers you enterprise-grade security and .NET code protection that blends different layers of polymorphic and genuine protections that combine with each other to isolate all points of your applications, as a result, encrypted symbols cannot be cracked. It flexes security to achieve the perfect balance that allows you to deploy your apps without worrying about decompiling DLLs or dependencies.

  • Call Hiding
  • Control Flow
  • Constants Protect
  • Symbols Renaming
  • Anti Tamper
  • Native Encryption
Discover the different layers of protection

Ensures integrity

Protecting your application against modifications is very important: if someone tries to fast decompile (with ILSpy or DnSpy) and the code is manipulated, integrity protections will block the execution preventing unauthorized debugging and reverse engineering. Integrity checks are included in the protections, which makes them undetectable.

Smart Native Protection®
Flow control integrity
Method call integrity
Constants and data integrity

Industrial Grade code shielding

Preventing unwanted tampering is crucial for your applications. By applying integrity checks and preventing decompilation, our .NET and C# obfuscator protects your application, DLLs and dependencies against decompilation for the lifetime of your application.

Avoid malware embedding attacks
Ensure client-side security Logic of anti-cheating
Defend against DRM/license application tampering
Prevent decompilation and reverse engineering of your application
Prevent Decompilation Now

Environment protection of your .NET applications

Protecting your application is not enough. If both your environment and the libraries, packages and tools you need are easily manipulated, it will create a security breach that directly affects your application. Shield guarantees the integrity of dependencies and protects your source code against decompilation or reverse engineering.

Dependency protection
Avoids dependency replacement
Ensures the integrity of external packages
ByteHide Linker helps you with environment protection
Take dependencies security to the next level with linker