Getting started with Shield in .NET

ByteHide Shield is an obfuscator and anti-tampering tool that protects software applications from reverse engineering and unauthorized modifications. It uses advanced techniques to transform binary code into a form that is difficult to understand or modify, making it an essential tool for developers looking to protect their intellectual property.

Integrate Shield into your application

Easy Integration (Recommended)

Integrate Shield into your .NET project in the most common way for devs

Visual Studio Extension

Add Shield to your VS and protect automatically from it

CLI Integration

Protect your applications from the console of your operating system

All the components of the platform can be easily integrated, managed from the cloud panel and synchronized with each other. This makes it easy to centralize all the security of your applications in one place, streamlining the integration process and allowing you to manage your security from a single interface.

Understanding protections

Available protections

Discover all the protections that Shield can apply to your application.

Advanced protection configurations

Not only can you apply protections, you can also configure them and modify their operation.

Manage the development


Learn how to exclude certain members of your application so that they are not protected or other settings are applied.

Debugging and error reporting

Debug your own protected application and decrypt obfuscated exceptions.


Learn with video tutorials to protect your first application

Reporting exceptions

Has a problem occurred? Report it and we will help you with it