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At ByteHide, we specialize in providing top-notch security solutions for businesses. Our expert team works closely with you to identify and prioritize risks, ensuring that your applications are protected from potential threats.


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Business impactย of code security automation with Shield

With Shield, the security and integrity of your code can be automated. Security settings and techniques are inherited between versions of your application, ensuring that your software is always protected.

Reduced risk

Improving the security of your software and eliminating vulnerabilities reduces the risk of suffering an attack, leaking sensitive information of your users or your company's intellectual property. This greatly reduces the risk of your company suffering a reputational problem.

Increased productivity

By automating security and centralizing it in the ByteHide platform, you allow your developers to focus on development and not on security. This enables them to accomplish tasks faster and maintain the scalability of your team.

Reduced cost

With Shield, you'll reduce infrastructure costs associated with code protection, human costs for configuration and management, and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches that can save up to 95%.

More Customers

Guarantee data security and privacy to your end-users, increasing their trust in your company and gaining more customers to use your products.

Keep Exclusivity

Keep your competitors away by preventing them from decompiling your applications, copying your proprietary or patented algorithms, and ensuring your company's exclusivity in the market.

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Easily accessible advanced technology

Why choose ByteHide

ByteHide Shield is an advanced and flexible obfuscation service, an automated way to secure application source code in the same build process.

It is designed to integrate with a single click and automate the security of your applications. No configurations or requirements needed!


Centralize the security of your applications, manage everything in one place

Shield is not an isolated tool, difficult to configure and not integrated with anything. It is a service of the ByteHide platform that allows you to centralize user and role management, integrate your CI/CD processes, integrate with other tools, your own environments and manage configurations in a single place. Shield should not be configured in isolation, just activate it in your ByteHide account and integrate it.

Compliance and regulations

Support robust data protection controls that comply with regulations such as PSD2, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and others with Shield


GDPR compliance

Comply with Article 25: Data protection by design and by default and Article 32: Security of processing by using Shield in your applications.


PCI developer guidelines

Cover several requirements listed in the PCI regulations for accepting payments in mobile applications with ByteHide Shield.


Shielding to support PSD2

ByteHide Shield covers the regulations for your company by protecting against known and unknown attacks against mobile applications for mobile banking applications, as required by DSP2.

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