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 .NET 2023 Annual Conference: A Gateway to the Future of Software Development

Nov 15, 2023 | .NET

The world of software development is constantly evolving, brimming with innovative solutions, revolutionary technologies and pioneering breakthroughs. One such key entity driving this dynamic industry is the .NET platform. Each year, this ingenious framework is updated, optimized and pushes its boundaries through the annual .NET Conference. 

.NET Conference 2023

The thirteenth installment of this event will be held November 14-16 and will devote three full days to a multitude of exciting sessions and discussions. The event is co-hosted by Microsoft and the .NET community, and is an online event, thus easily accessible to individuals and entities around the world who share a passion for the .NET platform. 


You will have a front row seat to attend live a wide selection of sessions featuring community speakers and members of the .NET team. This year’s .NET 8 topics will impress developers with their relevance and creative novelty, including:

Native Cloud, What’s New in C#12, Blazor Full Stack, .NET MAUI, Smart Applications with .NET through its integration with AI.

The annual .NET conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to stay abreast of the trends shaping the software development industry and network with the pioneers. Attending the event will provide you with a deep understanding of the .NET platform, enabling you to drive your projects towards success.  

More information about the event can be found here. 

Considering the variety of topics at this conference, and how much you can improve your applications built in .NET, it’s crucial to ensure that those applications remain secure. Ensure that your .NET applications are safe from reverse engineering, easily and hassle-free with Shield.

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