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Source Code Obfuscation

Techniques for Securing Application Software

The number and variety of methods cybercriminals use to gain unauthorized access to applications, devices and personal information is increasing daily.

In 2023, there was a 40% increase in breaches attributed to the identification and exploitation of code vulnerabilities, making it the most common initial entry route, ahead of even phishing.

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In this rapidly changing environment, source code obfuscation stands as a crucial tool for developers and security teams to combat various threats like application piracy, device infiltration, and code injection.

Explore our report to understand how obfuscation works and discover top security techniques used by mobile app developers worldwide.

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We had a hard time protecting our application against reverse engineering and integrating it in the deploy phase, with ByteHide Shield we have been able to solve that and focus on the development of the business.

Jorge de los Santos

ByteHide helps us control and manage the different layers of security in our applications, makes it easy for us to work with its automations and allows me to manage my team effectively.

Pablo Rodríguez

I have been using Shield for the past few months and am very happy with the results. It provides a secure one-click application, the level of security is very high and unlike other solutions I have not had any problems with it.

Business impact

of code security automation with Shield

With Shield, the security and integrity of your code can be automated. Security settings and techniques are inherited between versions of your application ensuring that your software is always protected.

Easy implementation, with no code required.

Reduced risk

Improving the security of your software and eliminating vulnerabilities reduces the risk of suffering an attack, leaking sensitive information of your users or your company’s intellectual property. This greatly reduces the risk of your company suffering a reputational problem.

Increased productivity

By automating security and centralizing it in the ByteHide platform you allow your developers to focus on development and not on security. Accomplishing tasks faster and maintaining the scalability of your team.

Reduced cost

Reduces infrastructure costs associated with code protection, human costs for configuration and management, and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches that can save up to 95%.

Get more customers by ensuring their safety

Guarantees data security and privacy to your end users, which increases trust in your company and gets more customers to use your products.

Protect your company from competitors

Keep your competitors away. Don’t allow them to decompile your applications, prevent them from copying your proprietary or patented algorithms and ensure your company’s exclusivity in the market.

Compliance and regulations

Support robust data protection controls that comply with regulations such as PSD2, GDPR, CCPA, PCI and others with Shield

GDPR compliance

Comply with Article 25: Data protection by design and by default and Article 32: Security of processing by using Shield in your applications.

PCI developer guidelines

Cover several requirements listed in the PCI regulations for accepting payments in mobile applications with ByteHide Shield.

Shielding to support PSD2

ByteHide Shield covers the regulations for your company by protecting against known and unknown attacks against mobile applications for mobile banking applications, as required by DSP2.

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