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Grow your Business with our Partner Program

Join the ByteHide partner program and share in our success. Our program is designed to enable partners to better serve, market and differentiate themselves through consulting, sales and marketing benefits.

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Boost your outcomes with partner benefits

Our free enrollment program is perfect for digital agencies and .NET software vendors looking to help their clients protect their applications and intellectual property. Allowing them to expand their portfolio of services and strengthen their own business through recurring commissions.

Earn a revenue share of up to 25% for as long as your referral has a paid plan with us.

We give you up to 37% discount on our platform, so that you can develop with safety.

Increase your sales reach and expand the services offered through our solutions.

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Who can join our partner program?

Any company that offers application development services, mainly in .NET, that wish to help their customers keep their applications and intellectual property secure, and that also meet this requirements:

  • Be registered on the ByteHide platform.
  • Have tested ByteHide Shield.
  • Be a company with at least one year of creation and own a domain with at least 1 year of existence.
  • Follow us on our social networks.

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Frequently asked questions


Why become a ByteHide Partner?

Because we are a startup in constant growth, with a team specialized in Cybersecurity, whose partner program is designed to enable our partners to provide a better quality service, carry out effective marketing campaigns, and have recurring profits.


How much does it cost to become a ByteHide Partner?

Absolutely nothing, joining the ByteHide partner program is totally free.


How are profits calculated?

We offer a % commission depending on the level reached (for each customer obtained through the partner program). Alliance Partner (1-5 referrals with 1 year subscription or Lifetime, 17%). Exclusive Partner (+5 referrals with 1 year subscription or Lifetime, 27%). Practical example; for a customer subscribing to the Startup Annual Plan and paying 804,00€, the commission for an Exclusive Partner would be 217,08€.


How long will it take to receive the proceeds?

You will receive your earnings in a period of 15 business days, once the subscription is completed by your referral. This is taking into consideration the days Stripe takes to release the money, and compliance with our refund policy.


What is the type of support and advice offered?

Our team of cybersecurity experts will be available to answer any questions or queries your customers may have and work with you to find the perfect solution on going dialogue with our customers is vital to us, as it provides the basis for the future development of our product and service.