You can manage ByteHide Shield projects from the CLI, as well as search, or create a new one to manage protected applications.

As you know, projects are simple containers that allow you to group several applications that belong to the same development project and share the same configuration between them, also reuse the dependency cache to learn and optimize the security of your applications.

Find projects

When searching for a project we can choose between two search options, we will use the --key flag to search for a project by its key or name to search for a project by its name.

    bytehide shield project:find <PROJECT>

Where <PROJECT> is the name of the project you want to search, in case you want to do a search by key use the --key or -k flag.

  bytehide shield project:find <PROJECT> --key

For example:

  bytehide shield project:find "myProject"
bytehide shield project:find "1345-abcd-1234" --key

The result will give us information about the project, such as its full name and its key.

Create projects

We can also create projects simply by indicating a name, for this we will use the following command:

  bytehide shield project:make <PROJECT>

Projects created from the terminal will not store the applications added in your account, they will simply cache the required dependencies. If you want the applications to be stored in your panel to share them with other members, you must create the project from your control panel and later use it from the console.

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