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You Can Help Too! (+20K Developers Already Accepted The Change)

November 30, 2022
rename wireless mouse to hamster

The wireless mouse is not only one of the most essential parts of your computer setup but it is also an integral part of your everyday life, but did you know that this amazing piece of technology has been given an incorrect name? We think it’s time for a change!

It may seem like people are just joking around, but many of them insist that they are serious about it and have even opened a pool on — and it’s going great!

Can we really change the name of the wireless mouse to hamster? Should we? What do you think?

Everything starts from the fact that “wireless” has been added to mouse to refer to its wireless version, but this is not anatomically correct!

So, why use two words when you can use one? Moreover, we must protect the rights of hamsters:

For this reason, it has been proposed to change the name of these devices from wireless mice, to hamsters.

It is true that it is practically impossible for the whole world to accept this change (perhaps they are not ready for it) but how funny would it be to make this meme come true?

You can help by voting too! You can find the poll on and vote for the renaming. Let’s all join together to reach the goal of 25,000 signatures! Many people agree:

Also good point:

It’s obviously very important:

The reasons for signing are endless. What’s more, I don’t think we have a solid argument to convince the whole world. So I would like to ask you to think of the ideal argument!

If you do, comment your argument, I will give 10$ to the most liked. Yes, it’s not a big reward but what better way to get 10$ than come up with an ironical argument about why we should rename the wireless mouse to hamster? Let’s be serious 😉

published with my hamster’s click 🐹